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Aux Pays Des Chouchous is a kingdom of your favorite things, a lifestyle platform built for everyone in the family. Established in 2016, we are based in Vancouver, B.C., where muliculturalism is widely celebrated. We promote talent from all over the globe, and curate refined, well-designed goods for kindreds who seek a cultured lifestyle.

APDC is founded by a mother of one - a boy who has surprised her again and again with his independent perspective. His favorite color is pink, and would pick it over other "boyish" hues. He prefers his mama's elegant porcelain over his silicon cups. Despite being a child, he enjoys making his own selections. We strive to build a platform where children and adults alike can escape from boring conventions and find their own 'chouchou' - their own favorite things.

We hope that our APDC products will bring you and your loved ones lasting memories for generations to come.



Many of us have our own keepsakes, an object we cannot part with, our very own 'favorite thing'. Although that momento may have came from various stages of life, many times our most memorable treasures are found in our childhood. This could be our first teddy bear, a firetruck we received on our third birthday or a picture book we memorized by heart. Our products are hand-picked by buyers, curated from around the globe. The world of APDC is made for the meticulous mom, the fussy dad or the particular child. We want to provide the best for the entire family



At APDC, we focus on bringing in quality brands that enhances kid's and families' lifestyle. Our collection ranges from clothing, toys, books, accessories, furniture to household items. We carry local, European, North American and Asian brands, such as Once Upon A Boy, Catimini, Imoga and Condor. We will continue to invest our support in independent designers all around the world and will seek beautiful designs from unique businesses big or small.